Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ringing the Changes at Home

Gleb Goloubetski

The festivities are over. We may have eaten eat more than we normally would and unfamiliarly rich food has played havoc with our digestive systems . Christmas may have left us feeling lethargic,  the days have been so short and dark - and now we are past the winter solstice,there is a stirring of desire to be 'out with the old and in with the new'.

From time to time, we acquire items from various sources, that can help us to ring the changes at home.

The pretty light shade and the wall shelf unit in the downstairs 'loo', came from a friend who had just moved house. She wanted to ring the changes too : ) and so gave these to me.

My husband made me a similar shabby style shelf unit for the kitchen. It is beautiful, but I will save it for a time I have decided what goes best on it, before showing you a picture.

But very often, it is simple to refresh the look of a room, by taking out items that have been stored away for a while. In our loft recently I came across some plates and other items. When we took them to the loft, I remember thinking ' Oh let's put these out of sight - I really don't like them'.  Of course, when you have not seen them for a long while, suddenly they seem very attractive, and one can't wait to use them again!

And here is some encouragement for the disorganised home-maker. If you venture to your deepest, darkest cupboard, or drawer, you will probably find some delightful treasure, lurking unseen in the depths. Maybe it is an ornament, some china, or an old bedspread that you will love to brighten up the room.

Pinterest users show us how we can use things creatively...

I found these ideas in just a few minutes. Nearly all of us have bits and pieces around the home with which to ring the changes and to give rooms a fresh feel. 

The problem is often one of confidence, and for that I think the answer is 'Give it a go'. Just take the old cushions, or faded linens, or few items of china. Have some fun arranging them in different ways. If they are damaged - that can be part of the appeal! If the china is chipped and you feel it looks ugly, place the chipped edge towards the wall and no one will be any the wiser.

Look for old picture frames in the thrift store/charity shop. Paint them or spray. You don't have to do it perfectly. Remember - anything that looks too perfect will look like it's mass-produced.

I will finish with a question and would love to hear your sensible or just fun ideas in the comments

How can you ring the changes with a picture frame?

How about putting in some offcuts of fabric, or from a dress or blouse?


and finally, finally - especially for my Texas cowgirl and 'critters'...

Rope in your cowboy!

I wish you the most peaceful, contented, joyful, tea-filled, rose-petalled, scone and cream-clotted, wonderful Happy New Year xx


NOTE I never intentionally breach copyright. If I have done so inadvertently, please contact me and I will remove the image immediately with my apologies. Thank you


  1. Dear Friend, You have once again inspired me!! You are so cute! And I think all of us suffer a wee bit from all the rich food! And it really does feel so good to clean things out and rearrange our treasures to give us a new look!
    I like to rearrange my furniture, and to pull out some items that I have put in a tub for storage till I need a makeover :)
    Your new treasures were all very pretty!
    Happy New Year to you and YOURS!! Roxy

    1. Dearest Roxy. Thank you : ) And a very Happy New Year to you and your family

  2. Would you believe I have taken our large Christmas tree down already?!
    Like you, I'm so keen to be getting on with the 'new' and sweeping out the old.
    It's a good feeling ; )
    Happy NEW year 2014 ~ may it be a blessed one for you.

    1. Happy New Year, Alex. I doubt whether any of our Christmas decorations will stay until the traditional 6th of January.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. The COWBOY PICTURE WITH THE ROPE!!!!!!!!!! I love it, I love it--I will have to find a picture that I can do that with! I was scrolling down nd just enjoying the photos, and I will be thrifting, bartering--WHATEVER it takes to find the right picture to do that with! I am soooo pinning this!

  4. I guess she likes it : )

    I knew you would love it when I saw it. Happy New year!

  5. I really enjoyed your post...those potholders on display like that is really pretty! Charming....charming.

    1. Thank you Maggie Ann. I am planning to make some pretty potholders to put on display too. They really look sweet don't they. Happy New Year.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your corner shelf that your hubby made, love the one pictured.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  7. Oh the polka dotted towels at your sink are just perfection! Love the cheery color.