Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winter Projects.. and Goodbye for Now

Dear Home-makers
Thank you for all your visits, and your wonderful comments and other input into this blog. After prayer and reflection this month, I have decided not to continue with Heart for Home-making for the foreseeable future, and also to spend significantly less time online. In case anyone is interested in past posts and content, I am not deleting it, for a while at least.

Many blessing to you all


At the Dacha in Summer’ - Sergei Vinogradov by BoFransson on Flickr

I finished my planned 'Winter quilt to go over the sofa' just in time for Christmas and it added some needed colour to the room. I'm very pleased with it. Maybe I can make a Spring quilt in time for the new season.

It was difficult to get any pictures in such poor light

I also managed to knit up a warm and pretty shawl this week. It is from a very very simple pattern - so good for a beginner or if you want to knit something without thinking too much.

I have just finished a small shawl It is made from a 'cake' or 'disc' of Icelandic wool called 'Lopi' 

One 'cake' will make a small shawl/scarf.

For the next few months I won't have much time to visit your lovely blogs and will be posting sporadically. I hope you do not feel neglected, but I would love to hear about your winter/spring projects.


  1. I love your quilt and your shawl! I love patterns that have such a loose weave.
    Although I don't know how to knit or crochet.
    Amy Jo

  2. Congratulations on finishing two projects! Your quilt is really eye candy, I love those bright colours, and the shawl looks very nice, too!

  3. I made a winter shawl last year and almost wore it out that first year. I hope you enjoy yours too.

  4. Lovely quilt and shawl. Will miss your posting, but understand fully about being busy.

  5. The quilt and the shawl are just darling... so good to read your words again - Happy New Year my friend :0)

  6. What a pretty scarf and quilt. I love the vibrant colors of the quilt. You are one crafty creative lady.
    It has been crazy busy around here. I have been getting very involved in my home school group and we are now planning an outdoor survival club for the boys of the group. You wouldn't think I would have to do much,since I am just the mom, but oh no... lots to do and so little time. It's been very windy here on the plains, so you can't do much for the outdoor activities. We really need some moisture.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  7. I hope you leave the blog up. I love to visit when I'm able to. Thank you for all the work you've done here!

    Mrs. White

  8. You will be missed...I understand though and know that there is much to spend our precious time on. I too am trying to spend less time on the computer. God bless you as you journey along. Shirley in Virginia

  9. Just found you and missed you. Oh well.
    Blessings to you in your new endeavors.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage